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Anis ahmed


Anis Ahmed

Founder and Group CEO MGH Group

Anis Ahmed is a highly regarded figure, renowned as the visionary Founder and Group CEO of MGH Group, an esteemed conglomerate with a global footprint spanning 23 countries. His leadership acumen has propelled MGH to the forefront of industries such as Integrated Supply Chain, Total Cargo Management, and Global Distribution Systems, garnering widespread acclaim. With a remarkable blend of entrepreneurial prowess, academic excellence in finance and business administration, and a deep commitment to philanthropy, Anis Ahmed personifies the epitome of a distinguished leader, leaving an indelible mark on both the business landscape and society at large.


Anis Ahmed is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and visionary leader, renowned as the Founder and Group CEO of MGH. Headquartered in Singapore, MGH is a prominent conglomerate with a global footprint, operating across 23 countries. With a diverse portfolio spanning Integrated Supply Chain for Global Fashion, Automotive industry, and Electronics Brands, Total Cargo Management for Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Travel Commerce for Airlines, Cross Border Freight Trains, Trucking, FM Radio Stations, Tea and Rubber Plantations, Food & Beverage Retail, and Retail & Commercial Banking, MGH stands as a testament to Anis Ahmed's exceptional leadership.

Anis's professional journey began with a remarkable internship at A.P. Moller Maersk's prestigious headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey. Drawing upon this invaluable experience, he joined his father's business venture, Maersk Bangladesh Ltd, a significant joint venture with A.P. Moller Maersk in Bangladesh. After four years, fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit, Anis embarked on his own venture, establishing MGH. Named after his father, M. Ghaziul Haque, the current Chairman of the MGH Group, MGH embodies a legacy of excellence and innovation.

Beyond his remarkable achievements in the business realm, Anis Ahmed is also dedicated to making a positive impact through philanthropy. Alongside his wife Suhana, he co-founded the Suhana & Anis Ahmed Foundation (SAAF). The foundation is committed to driving meaningful change in society and has initiated various impactful projects. Notably, SAAF is in the process of launching DristiVan, Bangladesh's first-ever Mobile Eye Diagnostic Clinic, aimed at providing essential eye care services to schools, colleges, remote villages, and thanas, with a special focus on preventing childhood glaucoma and blindness.

Additionally, the foundation supports education through 16 scholarships at BRAC University, empowering meritorious yet underprivileged students pursuing Computer Sciences (CSE) degrees. SAAF also extends financial assistance to the Monwara Islam Tajul Islam Welfare Trust, ensuring the sustainable operation of "Shailan Probeen Nibash," an esteemed old home for senior citizens. Anis and Suhana have further demonstrated their commitment to improving healthcare by providing comprehensive support to BSMMU's 31-bed Leukemia ward, with a mission to minimize child mortality among those suffering from blood cancer.

Anis Ahmed's remarkable leadership, entrepreneurial drive, and philanthropic endeavors make him a true inspiration, leaving a lasting impact on the business world and the community at large.